Tuesday, September 20, 2011

One A Day - Tuesday's Tallies

One A Day is hosted by Carole at her blog, Gingerbread Girl and at Ravelry.

I have made definite progress on the stripey blanket.  I have come to a slightly reluctant conclusion about it, as well.  First, the progress, in photos, of course:

I adore the colors in this blanket.  They are so vivid and I wish they would show better.  Oh well, I promise they're lovely.  The conclusion about this bit of fun stripes is that it is not going to be a blanket for mine and husband's bed as originally thought.  The main reason being that I made the mistake of not buying enough of the green and purple yarns.  I read - more than once even - buy all the yarn you need for your project at the beginning.  I had no idea how much I would need, though.  And now, I can't find any more of the green and purple at any of the stores around us.  I could buy it online but the cost is nearly double and this blanket is eating yarn.  Adding up the cost was making my husband anxious.  Honestly, it made me squeamish, too.  Plus, at the beginning of the blanket, the rows are a little uneven.  So, as much as I - and my family - love the pretty stripes of this blanket - it is coming to an end.  I suppose it will drape over the end of the bed and be more of a throw.  Or I can put it over our couch.  Actually, I think that's where it'll probably end up as I think that piece of furniture is rather drab and could use an infusion of color.

Next week I'll share the finished blanket and also what I've decided upon as my next One A Day project.  Thank you for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful week.

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Deb Hickman said...

It will look beautiful as a throw,the colours are gorgeous. I will look forward to seeing what you choose for your OaD. Deb xxxx