Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mini Love and Hooky Storage

I have fallen in love.  My daughters, Miss O and Miss B are also in love.  My husband, the lone male in our house, just grins and shakes his head at the giddiness we three females have for the mini's. 

Mini Hexagons! They are so adorable! Oh my goodness - they are just so unbelievable cute and EASY! I used the wonderful tutorial from Bunny Mummy and I am so greatful to have found it.  My daughters have asked me to make them Christmas skirts out of the mini hexagons.  I have never made anything like that but I am absolutely determined to make it happen.

I needed some crochet hook storage.  I thought of this vivid orange vase that we have and knew that it would be perfect! I adore the way the hooks look through the pretty orange glass.

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