Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cell Phone Case

My old cell phone is lost.  I had to buy a new one.  Since we were up for contract renewal - we were also due for an upgrade on our phones.  My husband didn't want to upgrde his phone but I said yes please.  Of course, they tried to sell us all sorts of extras for my new phone, as well: a charger for the car, a case, head phones.  No, no and no but thanks anyway.  I was especially surprised to learn that the darn case was twenty dollars! Really? I told my husband right in front of the sales clerk that I would happily make my own case.  my husband grinned and the clerk looked annoyed.  Oh well, I say.  And here is the very simple but I think adorable, case:

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Christmas Flower Scarf

I signed up to do a swap that had to involve crocheted flowers.  Shortly there after, I saw really pretty and fun Christmas yarns in Michael's.  Unable to resist, I bought a few and had the idea to make Christmas flowers.  Well, then I had a bunch of pretty flowers and thought of turning them into a decorative scarf.  And let me tell you, turning the bunch of flowers into one scarf was quite challenging for me as a novice crocheter.  I lterally made it up as I went.  The end result is all right.  I think if I were to make this scarf again I would try something a bit different, though.  Anyway, the results: