Monday, June 11, 2012

Still Crafting

I am still crafting but sadly, I have no pictures to show for anything that has been finished lately.  My camera is not working at all.  I don't even know what exactly happened.  We went on a family picnic two weekends ago and while there - my husband said the memory card for our camera was broken.  I asked him how that could be as I had just uploaded pictures the day before.  He didn't know but said it was an easy fix by just getting a new card.  Unfortunately, this is not the case as the camera won't even power up now.  Such a bummer and I'm not certain when exactly I'll get a new camera.  It has to be sometime this summer though.  I can not go without taking lots of pictures.  I've been taking some with my phone but I don't like the quality of my phone pics as well as my Canon digital camera.

I've completed - and my daughter has given - end of year thank you gifts to her teachers.  We made mini Granny square bags which turned out adorably.  I've also completed mini bags for my daughters and a big Granny summer tote for myself.  At least i can photograph/post about those once we have a new camera.

I've also been working on afghans.  One is for Laura for the Ravelry afghan swap and two are Christmas gifts.  I won't say for whom just in case this blog is being read by any of them.

My daughters have a lot of fun craft ideas that they want to do over summer vacation, too.