Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Happy Loopy St. Patrick's Day

I hope everyone is having a wonderful St. Patrick's Day.  It is rainy and appropriately green and beautiful here today.  In February, I made my husband a Rasta scarf for his birthday.  I had plenty of the awesome green yarn left and decided to make a swirly scarf for myself for today.  The color is more vivid than it is showing here and really, really pretty.

I had some of the yarn left over and saved it until I decided what could be made with it.  Well, yesterday I discovered the Loop stitch and tried it out last night after my girls went to bed.  This morning they had new green jewelry for celebrating our Irish heritage.

Miss O with her Loopy green necklace.

Miss B with her Loopy green bracelet.

I quite adore this stitch.  It's not for everything, of course; but is rather perfect when you want to add an element of fun.  Fortunately, my girls love their new jewelry.  It could have easily gone either way with my little fashionistas.

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Day!