Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One A Day - Tuesday's Tallies

One A Day is hosted by Carole atGingerbread Girl and on Ravelry.

I just finished making a scarf for my husband's Grandma - our daughters' Great-Grandma - for her 83rd birthday.  We all quite love it and even better - so does she.  In fact, she told our oldest daughter that she plans to wear the scarf whenever she is chilly.  Here are some pictures:

For my new One A Day project - I had decided to make ten inch Granny Squares like the one below.  Which, by the way, is not showing the color well no matter what I do.  The green is the same as in Grandma's scarf above.  Anyway, I had decided on making a bunch of theses squares in different colors and attaching them all together for an afghan.  Then I saw pictures of a giant Granny Square blanket and fell in love with that.  Now I think I want to do the giant Granny blanket more than the series of squares.  Aside from the fact that I love the way it looks - it also means not attaching multiple squares and that so appeals to me.  So, I believe the below square is the start of one giant Granny square blanket.  I figure I'll do a few rows a day until it gets to the point that one row/round will count for the 'one' per day.  Wish me luck!

Now I'm off to get caught up on other lovely One a Day projects.

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