Monday, January 30, 2012

Birthday Artistry

I celebrated my birthday over the weekend.  I am extremely fortunate in that I was able to spend time with family and friends.  On the morning of my birthday, my husband and daughters let me sleep in (a true gift in itself), made me a delicious breakfast.  I would have been thrilled with just this as I adore nothing more than a peaceful day spent with my husband and daughters.  However, they surprised the heck out of me with a gift that they made themselves.  Shall I show you pictures?

Yes, I adore the band Duran Duran! My wonderful husband and sweet daughters made me a jacket celebrating the current incarnation of my favorite band.  As it turns out - the original bits of the idea for this gift were my youngest daughter's.  I love my gift but even more I love my family and their thoughtfulness.  They make getting 'older' so worth it!