Saturday, March 30, 2013


I saw this and had to just smile.  This is so my life philosophy right now.  I have been crafting a lot.
Well, mostly I've been crocheting, but I have been planning other crafty adventures.  In fact, I bought
some really adorable fabric today that has cowboy boots all over it.  I'm not cetain what it's going
to become yet but I can't wait to decide and start on it.
I'm about to complete a fun crochet swap I've been involved in.  Once that package is mailed, I am
going to continue working on an afghan I started for my husband and I.  I'm also going to start new
blankets for my daughters.
Oh, and I also just finished my first crochet order.  I am starting a store - probably on Etsy but
maybe on Facebook, as well.  So yes, "Keep Calm and Craft On" absolutely fits my life! 

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