Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Wonderful Package

I received a great box of exciting crochet yumminess the other day.  I am part of a group on Ravelry called Afghan Swap 2012.  The idea (and it's a great one, in my opinion) is to get to really know one person through the year and share three swap packages with one another - the last containing, you guessed it, an afghan.  Well, I feel very lucky with the person I was paired up with and do believe we are becoming friends.  We both sent off our first packages last weekend and received them on Tuesday.  I'm happy to say that both were quite the success.

Here are some photos of my wonderful package:

In the box were: A beautiful purse for me, Hello Kitty purses for my daughters, five skeins of I Love This Yarn (which I'd never tried but now definitely do love) in shades of my favorite color green, 'Crovheted by' labels, yarn sleeves, a crochet hook with a bamboo handle (which is very comfortable to use), a book with different Granny square patterns, an adorable card and chocolate bars - yum.  I feel very fortunate and quite spoiled.  I've already said thank you to her but I'm going to say it once again - THANKS! 

A close up of the Hello Kitty bag (of which there were two).  My girls absolutely love them!

My beautiful purse - in shades of blue, also a favorite color.

Close up.  I think the pattern may be African flowers but I'm not positive.  I need to find out because I love them and want to give it a try.

The YARN! It's fabulous, really! I've already started making something out of the ombre one (which is called Summer -something, I can't find the label) and it is quite pretty.

Another close up!

Thank you, thank you! I feel so very blessed and yes, spoiled.