Monday, December 12, 2011

Tuesday's Tallies - Still Here

So, I thought it might be a nice idea to make a quick post and say that I am still here.  I am crafting a lot for the holidays (mostly crocheting) and loving every minute of it! Unfortunately, I have nothing to show here on the blog of my WIP's though as my husband lost our camera in the middle of November.  I am an avid shutterbug and very sad about the loss and he feels really bad about it.  In fact, I have a feeling there may be a new camera under the tree for me on Christmas morning.  And if there's not - well, that will be all right but my husband should accept that I will be buying a new one in January.

Anyway, my main projects on the go are afghans for my daughters for Christmas.  I had started the blankets for them a while back and then took a break because I really didn't like the way they were turning out.  THne I went back to them but still wasn't head-over-heels for them.  THEN, I finally learned how to properly make a Granny Square.  I must say that I now understand why so many people love the beautiful squares.  Oh my goodness.  I took apart all of the work previously done on my daughters blankets and started over to make them both Granny Square afghans in their favorite colors.  Oh, and did I mention that this was at the beginning of December? I know, I am crazy but I am darn determined that my girls have these beautiful (yes, I am boasting) creations on Christmas morning.

I am also working on something for my husband but won't say any more about it until after Christmas.  There is a small chance he'll read this post and if he does - I don't want the surprise ruined.  And, as if I'm not busy enough - I'm making little bags or scarves for every female in our family.  Wow, it makes me a little jittery thinking of all I still need to complete in thirteen days.  I better get back to it.

I'm hoping everyone is having a beautiful Holiday season.