Saturday, June 25, 2011


We went to a car auction yesterday.  Most of the cars on auction were classics.  There were, of course, the newer versions of such cars as the Mustang (gorgeous, by the way) but most of the vehicles up for auction were indeed amzingly restored classics.  We are a family who loves classic vehicles.  I grew up with a dad who also loves classics and spent time restoring a couple.  The fact that my husband loves the cars and we have passed this on to our daughters is quite wonderful.

Of course, my daughters also love the movie Cars as a result.  And they (all of us, actually) are itching to see the new movie Cars 2.  Needless to say, the subject of cars is at the forefront in my house today.  Miss O even did art work on the subject; with her favorite color dominant in her drawing:

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